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This is an online net-label, that means I release your stuff onto the lifeless mass known as the internet so that those who might enjoy it will find you and download your stuff. If you submit your tracks to me, that means you don't get any $$$ for your tracks, that what a net-label is, free music for download!!! I will accept any releases, I don't care if they've already been released through someone else or anything like that AS LONG AS IT'S NOT EMO! I HATE THAT STUFF, IF YOU WANT YOUR EMO CRAP RELEASED THROUGH ME, I WILL IGNORE YOU! Anything else I'll release, but I'll focus mostly on the experimental (noise, ambience, minimalistic, industrial, etc.) and the brutal (metal of all sorts) Contact me if you are interested in releasing anything. My email is mdr_10564@yahoo.com or check out my myspace: http://www.myspace.com/grandpaspaceship

Thursday, May 14, 2009

and summer dies releases

And Summer Dies was born in autumn 2003.

Drawing its inspiration mainly Scandinavian scene, the group records "Eternal Soul" in 2004, true melody crossroads between doom and death.

"Since, we took a new musical turn, incorporating in our music various elements coming in particular from the black metal and progressive metal.

However it was because after several years of hesitating march in a thick fog that the evolution of this project becomes a reality with the release, in February 2009 of 'The chaotic chronicle'.

Our will is to play a music personal, dark and powerful, alchemy supplements of what built us musically with the wire of time."


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